PETITION: We demand a public inquiry for grooming victim Charlene Downes

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Charlene Downes (pictured) disappeared on 1 November 2003, when she was just fourteen years old, from her home town of Blackpool.

She was targeted by an Islamist grooming gang who abducted her, subjected her to sexual abuse, murdered her, then minced her body into kebab meat.

Charlene's murder was part of a protracted local Islamist grooming problem in Blackpool, where dozens of underage girls have been targeted, "swapping sex for food, cigarettes and affection".

According to an internal police report, Downes was one of sixty girls in Blackpool, some as young as eleven, who had been groomed by men to carry out sex acts.

What happened to Charlene was horrific, but the only people to have been convicted of any crimes are Charlene's brother and sister, both convicted of "assaulting" the suspects accused of murdering her.

After two failed trials to convict Charlene's murderers, the suspects were released. One of them went on to be convicted of assaulting an eighteen year old girl.

We demand justice for Charlene Downes, regardless of how much time has passed. She was an innocent victim of a grooming gang and deserves to be remembered.

Britain First and the family of Charlene Downes are calling for a public inquiry to look once again at the evidence and the failings by Lancashire Police which allowed a gang of paedophile murderers to walk free.

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  • 2022-12-25 13:32:58 +0000
    Hell yeh… count me in !

    Someone needs to stop these cover ups !!
  • 2022-12-22 16:44:13 +0000
    this shouldnt have happened and ALL THOSE RESPONSABLE SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE
  • 2022-12-21 15:20:22 +0000
    Google Lorraine Cox, from exeter she also suffered at the hands of an Iraqi kurd, he was refused citizenship, but still managed to stay here, and end this girls life. RIP LORRAINE.
  • 2022-12-21 07:55:24 +0000
    This has made me really sad ,and realise how unsafe the country is ,and how the far left have taken over this country , something needs to change big time
  • 2022-12-14 22:59:16 +0000
    Peter Johnson
  • 2022-12-12 15:35:02 +0000
    Use our own law & trial by Jury only they’d have to start a war with us to stop us. We can do what they don’t!
  • 2022-12-08 19:37:22 +0000
    death penalty bring back hanging , why are so many of them here in my white English country, grooming white children "evil " daren’t speak up and do something change the law protect those like poor Charlene
  • 2022-12-08 18:48:06 +0000
    The largest crime in British history "Grooming gangs " and not a single politician cares!
  • 2022-12-06 18:47:58 +0000
    This needs to be looked at ASAP what kind of country do we live in
  • 2022-12-05 23:24:22 +0000
    Get these barbaric butchers locked up. Poor girl, heartbreaking
  • 2022-12-05 10:01:21 +0000
    These people can’t be allowed to get away with this horrendous crime and need to be retried using the latest forensic technology.